Sunday, September 18, 2011

Survey Savvy... Select Demographics Only

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SurveySavvy. These guys are linked to by all three of the sites named in my previous reviews, but the rewards for becoming a panelist are either non-existant, or fall to demographics that I am not a member of.

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The Good:
  • SurveySavvy sends out tons of invitations
  • Easy to use interface
  • BBB Accredited site, as you can see on their signup page
The Bad:
  • I have been accepted to Exactly ZERO surveys offered through their services, but have made a few bucks on the links sent to me from other panels that bring me to their site.
If you would like to give them a shot, the image above is linked... Just remember, I'm only one guy, so I can't be the only one to make any kind of profit on these things. Share your experiences and comments down there in the comment box. :)

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